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    SV Infeed Tension System

    Waste-reduction = Higher profit

The Problem: Running Waste

In the past, running waste was considered an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers had little choice except to watch how increasing waste could eat away at their bottom line.

Today, manufactures around the world understand that web tension control is the best answer to successfully reducing running waste. Servo Technologies’ SV Infeed Web Tension Control System achieves this by preventing the following types of common waste-causing problems from occurring:

  1. On press start up, material waste greater than one press length (amount of material in the press at stop).
  2. Color to color, color to die registration errors (floating).
  3. Registration drift during acceleration and deceleration.
  4. Telescoping rewind rolls.
  5. Inability of the press to handle baggy mill rolls.

How much is make-ready waste costing your business?

Check our Waste Savings Calculator to find out.

The Solution…

Encased in a rugged, portable steel frame, the Servo Technologies SV Infeed Tension System is powered by patent-pending software and a servo-driven motor. Mounting one on top of any press provides industry-leading, fast-rotating, microscopically-precise control for any infeed web tension application, including Flexo, Gravure, Rotary Letterpress or Offset mechanical press.

Precision Accuracy

…is what enables the SV Infeed Tension System to all but eliminate make-ready waste. Once the material is webbed-through the equipment and the tension is set, registration is locked-in and never changes, so operators can depend on the consistency of inline results time after time.

Run More Materials (even unsupported ones)

The SV's servo drive responds much faster than mechanically-driven systems, allowing it to modulate and self-correct in milliseconds. This virtually eliminates torque errors and allows many more types of materials to be run on an SV-upgraded press. In fact, many of our clients routinely use the SV to run unsupported materials (such as film) on their presses.

What equipment manufactures don't tell you…

All conventional infeed systems (those with gearboxes, gears, belts and pulleys) begin wearing out from day one. As the amount of wear increases over time, problems inevitably occur, such as colors printed on the web beginning to drift between the print and die station(s). Having to replace parts can be unpredictable, expensive and lead to unproductive downtime.

The Servo Technologies 'Payback'

Count on Servo Technologies for ZERO maintenance costs and skip the downtime. Since servo-based technology doesn't use gearboxes, gears, transducers, loadcells, belts, pulleys or other parts that need to be periodically replaced, our clients are extremely happy with the fact they don't have to worry about expensive repairs and downtime with the SV. We like to call this savings 'The Servo Technologies Payback.'

What maunfacturers get

With a Servo Technologies SV

  • Portability. An SV may be moved from press to press, and be up and running in minutes.
  • Simple to use, easier to learn. SV is the perfect tool for simplified infeed web tension control.
  • Precision. Servo-based technology ensures 100% matching of the web speed between infeed and outfeed units.
  • Intelligent Software Management automatically adjusting torque, position, speed and deceleration of materials passing through the web.
  • No registration slips. Once configured, registration stays precisely locked-in until changed.
  • Transform all product to "sellable." Eliminate roll changes from the manufacturing process across your entire print run.
  • Run more types of material, even non-supported materials.
  • Flexibility. Press speed, color and die registration are unaffected by starting and stopping the press.
  • Less downtime and NO maintenance costs. Servo-based technology requires no gearboxes, belts, pulleys or other parts.
  • Upgradeability. Expand the SV Infeed Tension Control System with our lineup of re-register functions (see below).
  • No bells and whistles you'll never use
  • No excuses

How do we know it works?

It's virtually impossible to re-register a pre-printed web if the infeed tension is not correct for first pass printing.

Learn more about the SV Infeed + Re-register System.

Want more?

Add the Re-Register System to your The SV Infeed Tension Control System! With SV Infeed + Re-Register, manufacturers get perfect web tension control, plus the ability to add these features to the pre-printed web:

  • Holograms
  • Use additional colors and die-cuts
  • Dual-ply applications
  • Digital print finisher functionality
SV Web Tension Control System is for web tension control. This system maybe upgrade adding the re-register functions.