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SV Re-Register System Overview


The portability of the SV allows it to be easily moved from press to press and be running at full production in minutes, not hours. The small footprint of the system permits the manufacturer to mount an SV anywhere on the press for true flexibility.

Ease of Use

The SV Re-register System is very, very easy to use. Worldwide “universal icons” on the operator’s Touchscreen and operator “prompts” are in his native language, making set-up easy. Here are some examples:

  • Using the SV for first pass printing (infeed mode), enter a tension “value.” You’re done - no load cells.

  • For re-register (re-register mode) enter the print repeat and set the mark sensor. You’re done - the rest is automatic.

The accuracy of the SV Re-register System is .0015” resolution with no speed limits.

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SV Re-register System

The SV Re-register System is the manufacturer’s ultimate tool for increased production with lower waste.

With the
SV, a manufacturer will increase the value of the printed web by adding additional colors and die-cuts. This opens a door of opportunities that was only possible before by purchasing all new equipment. The upgrade is fast and easy with the SV5 & SV6. Just bolt it onto your existing press!

Your new door may also involve the introduction of holograms, RFID, or game pieces to a printed web. With the
SV and your existing press, dual layer labels and peel-and-read labels can be manufactured effortlessly. The same SV will complete your digital printed labels in lightning speed with varnish, overprints and lamination at a fraction of the cost of a stand alone finisher. With the SV Re-register System, the sky is the limit!

No Rocket Science Required

The SV Re-register System requires absolutely no press modifications. No rocket-scientist is required to install and get up to speed. You won't need one, anyway. Servo Technologies Support comes with every installation.

Installed SV's In Action

SV Re-register System Features:

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  • We're Pioneers of Infeed Web & Reregister Systems

    Built for infeed tension and pre-printed applications demanding superior registration.

    We were there in 1990 when members of our team pioneered the original Series 1 re-registration system. Since then, Servo Technologies has become recognized as a world leader in the development of re-register and digital print finishing systems for the graphics arts industry. We're proud to say that our Servo Technologies SV line is the world's #1 brand used by manufacturers worldwide.

    Because of our heritage in the business, no one is better-equipped to service your old servo-based re-registration units or to upgrade them to our latest fifth-generation SV5 or sixth-generation SV6 Re-registration system.

  • Superior Automation

    Servo Technologies is proud to introduce the next evolution in infeed and reregister technology. The SV creates a better user experience for the press operator, owner, production and maintenance personnel alike. At its core is a higher level of automation combined with intelligent communications

    The most basic registration system for printing requires the use and set up of a print mark sensor and entering job parameters. The SV takes a leap from manual data entry and routine set up procedures to an automated program completing these tasks in milliseconds. The net result is reduced human error and increased speed to production.

  • Digital Print Finishing

    A high speed label converting solution for today’s digital presses, the SV turns existing flexo-presses into efficient finishing lines allowing over printing, varnishing, laminating, foil stamping and die cutting.

    Multi-Page Labels: The
    SV automate the process of laminating two webs in register, easily producing booklet labels, peel and read labels, extended content labels and instant redeemable coupons. Using the SV6 allows unlimited colors on each page, the ability to run full web width, and the webs can be different substrates.

  • Double Press Capabilities

    Add more colors and die cuts with a second pass. The SV reregister tolerances are ± .0015”.

    SV System upgrades mechanical shaft presses to modern servo technology resulting in improved overall press registration. Consequently, press operators gain the confidence to run at faster speeds.

  • Lower Material Waste

    Roll changes, press stops, and mis-registration running waste can account for hundreds of feet of wasted material each press run. An SV will noticeably reduce waste by regaining reregister faster than stock infeed tension systems.

  • Intelligent Communication Tools

    SV cloud communication allows our technicians to update software, diagnose and troubleshoot quickly and efficiently. The SV cloud creates a secure VPN tunnel the moment your unit is connected to the internet. Simple plug-and-play access.

    This attachment repositions repositions the mark sensor to read print marks on the backside of the web, and is necessary for front to back registration on a second pass.