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SVX Re-register System


If you have an outdated mechanical shaft press, Servo Technologies' SVX Re-register System delivers game-changing new capabilities to your current setup. Protect your investment. Bolt on an SVX and transform your press into a servo-driven, digital powerhouse ...for far less than buying a standalone offline finisher.

Whether you're a press owner, operator, or a member of the production or maintenance team, SVX was designed to revolutionize virtually every aspect of the manufacturing process, providing conventional flexo presses with:

  • A Simplified User Experience
  • Superior Automation
  • Digital Finishing Features
  • Increased Speed and Production
  • Significant Waste Reduction

Unlock the power of your press with SVX.

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Simplified User Experience

No Rocket Science Required

Ease of use is at the center of the SVX Re-register System. The user interface is uncomplicated, uses familiar, globally-recognized icons and operators can choose their native language to receive prompts, making set-up easy. Just enter the print repeat and set the mark sensor. You’re done - the rest is automatic.

Setup is simple. No press modifications are required, so initial setup is quick, averaging four steps and taking roughly three hours of floor time. SVX bolts onto your existing press and your entire manufacturing process is set to take a quantum leap in production. Need to move the SVX from press to press? SVX is portable, so you can be up and running on another production line in a matter of minutes.

Maintenance is easy, too (because there is none). Forget about replacing transducers, gearboxes, belts or pulleys. Since servo technology has no moving parts to wear out and replace, SVX requires ZERO maintenance.

Even support and updates are simple with SVX. Cloud communication allows our technicians to update software, diagnose and troubleshoot quickly and efficiently. The SVX cloud creates a secure VPN tunnel the moment your unit is connected to the internet, providing simple plug-and-play access.


Unparalleled Ease of Use

Servo Technologies' proprietary operating system is designed to make thousands of self-correcting calculations per second. This sophisticated automation frees SVX operators from conventional setup tasks like manual data entry or print mark sensor setup and precisely locks down registration on your mechanical shaft press, allowing NO registration slips. SVX makes setup and production calculations in milliseconds, matching the web speed 100%, adjusting torque, position, speed and deceleration of materials passing through the web - all with on-the-fly precision and no operator intervention required. The net result is reduced human error, increased speed to production and registration that stays true to +- 0.0015” resolution at full press speed.

Digital Print Finishing

Increase the Value of Your Printed Web

The advantages of digital print are well known: no plates, no make ready or variable data and more colors. Adding digital capabilities to your current press with an SVX is a winning solution. Once it's mounted on your flexo press, all you need is a finishing line. We've got that covered too, and at far less than the cost of a stand-alone offline finisher.

A growing number of manufacturers around the world are choosing the SVX Re-register System and their flexo press as the choice for digital print finishing. Combining SVX with an existing press your digital finishing line becomes limitless. Spot colors and varnishes are easily added to the digital printed roll as well as lamination.

SVX increases the value of your printed web. You won't need any new die cylinders. Your existing die library becomes your digital print library. This opens a door of opportunities that can involve the introduction of holograms, RFID, or game pieces to a printed web.

With the SVX and your existing press, dual layer labels and peel-and-read labels can be manufactured effortlessly. The same SVX will complete your digital printed labels in lightning speed with varnish, overprints and lamination at a fraction of the cost of a stand alone finisher. With the SVX Re-register System, the sky is the limit!

Increased Production

The SVX Re-register System upgrades mechanical shaft presses to industry-leading servo technology. The result is significantly improved overall press registration, which allows press operators to run at faster speeds with full confidence in SVX's +- 0.0015” registration lock.

Using the SVX Re-register System increases the output yield of the press by allowing manufacturers to print at the full web width with no plow folder necessary. It also regains register much faster after press stops which reduces material waste.

Roll changes, press stops, and mis-registration running waste can account for hundreds of feet in wasted material each press run. An SVX reduces waste by regaining reregister faster than stock systems.

Curious to find out how much make-ready waste is costing your company? Click here to find out with our Waste Savings Calculator.


If your company is based in the U.S., we have some great news for you. With the passage and signing into law of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1), the deduction limit for Section 179 increases to $2.5 million in 2019. Call us today to find out how to get an SVX Digital Infeed + Re-register System for $0.00.

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