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Why Use an SV Re-register System?

Digital Print Finishing

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The advantages of digital print for labels are well known. No plates, no make ready and variable data; a winning solution for the manufacturer. Now that you have selected your digital press your next decision is your finishing line. A new stand alone offline finisher that converts digital print can easily exceed the cost of your digital press when fitted with the necessary options.

An ever-increasing number of manufacturers around the world have selected the
SV Re-register System and their flexo press as the choice for digital print finishing. By combining the SV with an existing flexo press your digital finishing line is limitless. Spot colors and varnishes are easily added to the digital printed roll as well as lamination.

No new die cylinders! Your existing die library is now your digital print library. If a special shape or size is required, a magnetic cylinder and flexible die is all that is needed.

Multi-Part Labels

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The SV Re-register System is the easiest method of producing dual layered booklet labels without limitations.

  • Unlimited colors per panel.
  • Increase press output by utilizing full press width.
  • No plow folder needed.

Manufacturing 1,2,3,4…

  1. Print the top layer adding colors as needed.
  2. Position the SV downstream. Use a laminating station as an unwind.
  3. While printing the bottom layer introduce the top layer using the SV.
  4. Register the top layer with the bottom layer utilizing the SV’s advanced register feature.

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As a Salvage Machine

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An SV Re-register System is the ideal choice for use as a salvage machine. It will also help to correct for human errors.

Mistakes are costly and when found the results are costly. A missing line of type or perhaps the wrong bar code has always meant the same thing: trash the job and reprint. But now there is a better solution.

With the
SV Re-register System, operating in the re-register mode, these costly mistakes can be corrected. The missing line of type can be added, the wrong bar code can be blocked out and replaced with the correct bar code.

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