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Meet the new lineup…

Protect your investment. Keep your current press and turn it into a Digital Infeed and Re-register powerhouse with the Servo Technologies product line.



SVR Retrofit is an upgrade to the SVX that let's you integrate our Digital Infeed + Re-register Controls into your existing press without taking up any valuable space on your press. Our super-flexible SVR Retrofit Control System incorporates a re-register mode for second pass printing or digital press finishing at full press speed with an accuracy resolution of .0015” / 0.038mm.


No matter your press type (including Flexo, Rotary Offset or Gravure) four steps and as little as 3 hours of floor time and you're ready to go.

Dual webs means double-sided laminations, peel and read labels, dual-ply booklet labels and more, in perfect register at full print speed.

With experience reaching back to the beginning of the digital print industry, no one is better-equipped to upgrade and service your setup.

Our technology is servo-based, which adds up to precision and, with no moving parts to wear out or replace, durability with zero maintenance costs.

Keep your press and find out how SVX increases production while reducing make-ready waste. Click here to calculate your savings. You'll be surprised how it adds up.


  • Make Your Press A Label Powerhouse

    Manufacturers can do it all with the SVX Infeed + Re-register System. Labels with unlimited colors and die cuts, regardless of press configuration. Web widths 1- to 30 inches. Portability and super-fast setup. Re-reregistration resolution of ± .00015” at full press speed with true rotary performance and far less waste.

  • Are You Ready?

    SVX Re-register System opens new doors of opportunity and allows manufacturers to re-write the rules of what their presses can do. This short video shows many of the amazing applications happening on real presses. Are you ready to see what a difference SVX can make?

  • Run Unsupported Film

    The SVX and SVR Re-register Systems permit the re-register of a pre-printed, unsupported film. The base web was printed in Chile on a wide web press. The rolls were then split into narrow rolls. The material was then sent to Labels Unlimited, Manchester, England.

  • SVX Re-register Setup Video

    Open your door of opportunities with an existing Flexo, Rotary Offset or Gravure press and an SVX System to make dual ply labels. This short video shows you how simple it is to get set up for production with the SVX Re-register.

  • Digital Print Finishing Video

    This short video showcases the SVX Digital Infeed + Re-register System finishing digital printed labels. The SVX is installed on a Webtron 650 press built in the 1960’s.The SVX features fast make-ready, even easier to use with an accuracy of ± .00015” running at full press speed.

  • Peel & Read Video

    The SVX Re-register System seamlessly joins pre-printed webs including those with printing on both the front and back of the web. It does this at full press speeds while automatically making all the necessary adjustments to keep the webs in perfect register.

  • Dual Ply Video

    SVX Re-register System allows you to re-write the rules of what your press can do. With SVX Re-register, you'll find out how easy producing dual-layered booklet labels can be.

  • SVX Features Video

    SVX brings a whole list of powerful tools for manufactures, including portability, quick setup, precision infeed tension control, superior automation, double press capabilities, lower waste and zero maintenance costs. Find out why we like to say the SVX Digital Infeed Tension + Re-register System is nothing less than simplicity without limitations.

  • Install Gallery Video

    Take a look at the SVX Digital Infeed + Re-register System installed onto a number of setups, including Arsoma, Nilpeter, Webtron, & Mark Andy equipment.

  • SVX Project Video

    Check out how the SVX Digital Infeed Tension + Re-register System handles running dual webs to produce multi-part labels.

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