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Servo Technologies Products

SV Re-Register System

The Servo Technologies SV Re-register requires no press modifications and enables any existing press to:

  • Drastically increase the number of colors & die cuts far beyond your press' original capabilities
  • Introduce holograms
  • Extend digital print finishing options
  • Easily manufacture dual-layer labels and peel-and-read labels
  • Complete your digital printed labels with lightning speed at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone finisher

Find out more about the Servo Technologies Re-register System.

SV Dual Re-Register

The SV Dual gives manufacturers the capability to use two registering units to run two pre-printed webs concurrently. This allows for extremely fast, two-web registration.

Typical offline applications may include:

  • die cutting
  • label finishing
  • punching
  • folding
  • sheeting
Find out more about the SV Dual Re-Register.

SV Infeed Tension Control System

It's a key component of any press setup, yet somehow it's often overlooked. The advent of infeed web tension control gave manufacturer's a powerful tool, allowing an unprecedented new level of precision in controlling the press feed. This accuracy brought the added benefit of significantly reducing make-ready waste and recouping losses previously accepted as 'part of the process.'

Curious how much your current setup is costing you in make-ready waste? Find out how with our Waste Savings Calculator.

How does web tension control work?

The basic design goal is simple, to enable control over the amount of material fed into the equipment. Once the material is webbed through the equipment and the feed tension is correctly set, the tension between the infeed and outfeed units becomes consistant and stays true. Even variables like equipment acceleration and deceleration have no effect on the web tension control configuration. Color or die registration is also unaffected by starting and stopping press. With perfect infeed and outfeed tension, the web of material can be printed and finished inline with an absolute minimum of make-ready waste.

What are some of the main benefits of infeed tension control?

  • Precisely match your press speed - 100% to the web speed.
  • Consistent registration. Once in register, ALWAYS in register.
  • Eliminate roll changes from the manufacturing process.
  • Transform all product to "sellable" across your entire run.
  • Servo-driven technology requires no maintenance.
  • Allows more types of material (even non-supported materials) to be run.

Waste Reduction + Increased Speeds = SV Infeed Tension System

The SV Infeed Tension System is designed and built for narrow-to-medium web equipment.

Find out more about the Servo Technologies Infeed Tension Control System.

Retrofit Controls

Integrate our Infeed + Re-register Controls into your existing press without taking up any valuable space on your press? Our SV Retrofit Control System is the right solution for the job.

Simply mount our servo motor to drive the presses' stock Infeed and install our operator interface wherever you like. This will update your setup to provide you with all the tension & re-register controls our customers are familiar with, including:

We didn’t stop there. The SV Retrofit System is adaptable. Have a need to servo-drive an outfeed module? How about servo-driving a die station or even a print station? Want to add Re-register to those tools? No Problem! The SV Retrofit is configurable for most applications.