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"Solving web-tension issues by dramatically reducing waste in areas once believed to be part of the process."

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Infeed Mode.
SVR & SVX Tension Systems …

If all parts of a press are geared together, start together, stop together, and change speed together, then why should there be any material waste besides initial setup? Because the web is not always doing what the press is doing.

The amount of material used during make-ready, the running waste due to floating registration, the hundreds of feet of material used to regain registration after stops or web splices, can all be contributed to web tension. Put a price tag on this waste and the dollars add up fast. The SVR and SVX Systems revolutionize this process.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the SVR and SVX provide web tension control by precisely metering materials into a press and taking into account the elastic properties of the web. The principles behind this are simple – maintain web tension by forcing the web to do exactly what the press does in terms of timing, speed, acceleration and deceleration. Basic tension systems fail at this because they are not dynamic enough to match the press’s running conditions.

Automatic tension systems are better, but still flawed; They measure tension then adjust tension. To adjust tension is to adjust the speed of the web. Why would the web speed need to change if the press speed remained the same? Because the system lags behind the press and it needs to compensate for its own error.

Re-register Mode.
SVR & SVX Tension Systems …
SV5 simplicity without limitations picture

The magic happens when using the “re-register mode.” The SVR and SVX turn your limited press into a limit-LESS press. Re-register mode automates all functions to .0015 “ resolution with no speed restrictions. 

Set up is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Input the plate or die cylinder circumference.
  2. Set the mark sensor.
  3. Make ready as normal.

Using more than one roll.

  1. Stop the press.
  2. Splice the new roll.
  3. Bring your press up to speed fast.

Want to share the magic?

That’s easy. The SVX Re-register System is portable and moving requires no press modifications.

ECL Peel-&-Read Labels: Easy…

The base SVX Re-register System is the easiest method of producing dual layered booklet labels without limitations.

  • Unlimited colors per panel.
  • Increase press output by utilizing full press width.
  • No plow folder needed.

Manufacturing 1, 2, 3, 4…

  1. Print the top layer adding colors as needed.
  2. Position the SVX downstream. Use a laminating station as an unwind.
  3. While printing the bottom layer introduce the top layer using the SVX.
  4. Register the top layer with the bottom layer utilizing the SVX’s advanced register feature.

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