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SVR Retrofit Controls

Flexo Press Infeed Retrofit

Want to integrate our Digital Infeed + Re-register Controls into your existing press without taking up any valuable space on your press? Our SVR Retrofit Control System is the right solution for the job.

Simply mount our servo motor to drive the presses' stock Infeed and install our operator interface wherever you like. This will update your setup to provide you with all the tension & re-register controls our customers are familiar with, including:

  • Amazing tension control for first pass printing.
  • Re-register capability for second pass printing (turning your 4-color press into an 8-color).
  • Converts your existing press into a digital finisher. No reason to buy an expensive digital finisher. Just utilize your current tooling inventory.

Unlock the power of your press with SVR.

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The Problem: Running Waste

In the past, running waste was considered an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers had little choice except to watch how increasing waste could eat away at their bottom line.

Today, manufactures around the world understand that web tension control is the best answer to successfully reducing running waste. Servo Technologies’ SVX Infeed Web Tension Control System achieves this by preventing the following types of common waste-causing problems from occurring:

  • On press start up, material waste greater than one press length (amount of material in the press at stop).
  • Color to color, color to die registration errors (floating).
  • Registration drift during acceleration and deceleration.
  • Telescoping rewind rolls.
  • Inability of the press to handle baggy mill rolls.

How much is make-ready waste costing your business? Check our Waste Savings Calculator to find out.

The Solution

Accuracy is what enables the SVX Infeed Tension System to all but eliminate make-ready waste. Mounting one on top of any Flexo, Gravure, Rotary Letterpress or Offset mechanical press provides industry-leading, fast-rotating, microscopically-precise control for any infeed web tension application. Once the material is webbed-through the equipment and the tension is set, registration is locked-in and never changes, so operators can depend on the consistency of inline results time after time.

Run More Materials (even unsupported ones)

The SVX's servo drive responds much faster than mechanically-driven systems, allowing it to modulate and self-correct in milliseconds. This virtually eliminates torque errors and allows many more types of materials to be run on an SVX-upgraded press. In fact, many of our clients routinely use the SVX to run unsupported materials (such as film) on their presses.

Servo Technologies' SV is the absolute best web tension control system in the graphic arts industry, bar none. SV is easy to install (less than 8 hours of downtime), simple to use, built tough enough for use in the most demanding manufacturing processes, and has zero maintenance costs. Manufacturers rely on the SV Infeed Tension Control System to leave less make-ready waste on the floor of their shops, and more profits in their accounts. After all, that's what eliminating waste is all about.

How much could SVR save your business in lost profits due to make-ready waste? Check our Waste Savings Calculator to find out.

SVR Retrofit Infeed Advantages

Unmatched Flexibility

The SVR Retrofit System is adaptable. Have a need to servo-drive an outfeed module? How about servo-driving a die station or even a print station? Want to add Re-register to those tools? No Problem! The SVR Retrofit is configurable for most applications, and it's also portable if you need SVR capabilities for an instant finishing line on another press. Here are just a few examples:

  • Application Examples: Retrofit Infeed, Outfeed, Die Cut station, Print station, Rewinder, Unwinder.
  • Torque Control - Tension Control - Re-register Control.
  • Universal Voltage - Accepts 208Vac - 480Vac 3 Phase @ 20 - 50 Amps sizing dependent.
  • Master or Slave configurable (Slave configurations will accept an encoder or emulated signal).

Additional Features & Benefits

  • The SVR Infeed Tension System is 100% digital, servo motor controlled.

  • No press modifications are required. Simply, web the press as normal and by pass the existing infeed tension unit.

  • It's 100% portable. An SVR Infeed Tension Control System can be moved from press to press if required, and be running in minutes.

  • Simple to use, easier to learn. It's the manufacturer's ultimate tool for perfect infeed web tension control. Why is the SV Infeed Tension Control System best?

  • No material restriction or thickness limitation. An SV-enabled press will be able to support many non-natively supported films.

  • No press speed restrictions. SV's servo-driven motor can operate up to 1200FPM (feet per minute.)

How do we know SVR Retrofit Infeed works?

...because it's absolutely impossible to re-register a pre-printed web without correct first-pass printing.


If your company is based in the U.S., we have some great news for you. With the passage and signing into law of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1), the deduction limit for Section 179 increases to $2.5 million in 2019. Call us today to find out how to get an SVX Digital Infeed + Re-register System for $0.00.

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