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Retrofit Controls

Flexo Press Infeed Retrofit

Want to integrate our Infeed + Re-register Controls into your existing press without taking up any valuable space on your press? Our SV Retrofit Control System is the right solution for the job.

Simply mount our servo motor to drive the presses' stock Infeed and install our operator interface wherever you like. This will update your setup to provide you with all the tension & re-register controls our customers are familiar with, including:

  • Amazing tension control for first pass printing.
  • Re-register capability for second pass printing (turning your 4-color press into an 8-color).
  • Converts your existing press into a digital finisher. No reason to buy an expensive digital finisher. Just utilize your current tooling inventory.

Unmatched Flexibility

We didn’t stop there. The SV Retrofit System is adaptable. Have a need to servo-drive an outfeed module? How about servo-driving a die station or even a print station? Want to add Re-register to those tools? No Problem! The SV Retrofit is configurable for most applications.

  • Application Examples: Retrofit Infeed, Outfeed, Die Cut station, Print station, Rewinder, Unwinder.
  • Tourqe Control - Tension Control - Re-register Control.
  • Universal Voltage - Accepts 208Vac - 480Vac 3 Phase @ 20 - 50 Amps sizing dependent.
  • Master or Slave configarable ( Slave configurations will accept an encoder or emulated signal. ).