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Waste-reduction = Higher Profit

Ready to find out how much profit your current infeed system may be leaving on the floor? To calculate the cost of your running waste, please take a moment to adjust the Wast Savings Calculator fields below, including:

  • material cost per square inch
  • press material in feet
  • press stops per shift
  • number of shifts per day.
We'll do the rest! You'll be surprised at how much you could save.

Waste Savings Calculator

(in inches/feet and US dollars)

Input Your Numbers

MSI= material cost per square inch

Waste Totals (Dollars)


Annual Savings (Dollars)


Surprised at how much more profit an SV5 or SV6 could save your company?

Want to do the math yourself? Just calculate running waste per roll change x number rolls changed per day x number of days worked per year = $ wasted per year.

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