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Waste-reduction = Higher Profit

Ready to find out how much profit your current infeed system may be leaving on the floor? To calculate the cost of your running waste, please take a moment to adjust the Wast Savings Calculator fields below, including:

  • material cost per square inch
  • press material in feet
  • press stops per shift
  • number of shifts per day.
We'll do the rest! You'll be surprised at how much you could save.

Waste Savings Calculator

(in inches/feet and US dollars)

Input Your Numbers

MSI= material cost per square inch

Waste Totals (Dollars)

( [input-web-width] * [input-press-waste] * 12 / 1000 * [input-cost-MSI] )
( [input-press-stops] * [input-shifts] )* [input-web-width]*12/10*[input-cost-MSI]

Annual Savings (Dollars)


Surprised at how much more profit an SV5 or SV6 could save your company?

Want to do the math yourself? Just calculate running waste per roll change x number rolls changed per day x number of days worked per year = $ wasted per year.