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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're interested in an SVX equipped for Infeed Tension, Re-registration or both, you've come the right place. In the section below, you can browse through answers to some questions we're often asked.

We're here to help with any questions you may have.
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  • Our printed products often have cumulative errors; the repeat is not exact. What do we do?

    The SVX Micro Processor eliminates this type of error. Operating up to 100,000 pulses per cylinder revolution, the SV Micro Processor quickly calculates the current web position making the adjustment needed to maintain perfect registration for that print revolution. The system then disregards this information and recalculates for the next repeat of the cylinder.

  • Must we run the first pass of the web on the SVX digital Re-register System?

    No. The SVX digital re-register system may be used just for re-registering the web on second pass printing for offline applications. Or there may be a time when rolls of pre-printed product are supplied from resources other than your own. In either case, the SVX digital re-register system will perform as if the pre-printed rolls were produced on the same press.

  • Can we use the SV for the first pass on the web?

    A high speed label converting solution for today’s digital presses, the SVX turns existing flexo presses into efficient finishing lines allowing over printing, varnishing, laminating, foil stamping and die cutting.

    Multi-Page Labels: The
    SV automates the process of laminating two webs in register, easily producing booklet labels, peel and read labels, extended content labels and instant redeemable coupons. Using the SVX allows unlimited colors on each page, the ability to run full web width, and the webs can be different substrates.

  • Are there any mechanical modifications made on the press?

    No. Your current press configuration remains intact. The only change will be mounting a set of brackets (not included) to mount the SVX on your press or off-line machine. In addition to mounting the hardware, an encoder is mounted on your press supplying a reference to the SV digital re-register system. Other than supplying power, you are done. Remember, the SV is true "plug and play."

  • We run all types of materials and thicknesses - any problems?

    No. In fact, many manufacturers use the SVX to run un-supported materials on their press (i.e. film.) This is accomplished because the SVX's servo drive responds faster than mechanically driven systems, thus omitting torque errors

  • How fast can you move an SVX digital re-register system from press to press?

    In a matter of minutes. . . simply unplug the power supply, disconnect the encoder input line from the encoder (Quick Change Type - no tools needed), unmount the unit from your new mounting brackets, and remove the SVX. The SVX is supplied with lift eye bolts for easy removal.

  • We don’t need a portable system. What about a fixed installation on our existing press? The cost should be lower?

    One might think so, but this isn't the case. With a fixed-installation we're dealing with many more variables. For example:

    1. Mounting hardware
    2. Press downtime creating loss of income
    3. Installation time
    4. Current condition of the existing press
    5. Unification of the assets

    If any number between 1 and 4 goes wrong, you can start multiplying X by the remaining values. From our own and other companies' experiences, there is no savings on fixed versus portable installations. There's also the unseen potential cost of what could happen if the existing unit failed for any reason. Now your press can not even be used to produce first pass printing because it has been modified to accept a re-register system. With a portable system, you just simply re-web the press and run it as you did before anything was removed or modified.Portability means 100% asset unification by being able to move the SVX to any machine in your plant for any application and for any job.

  • Is the SVX digital re-register system hard to learn or use?

    No. On the contrary, the SVX is by far the easiest system in the world to use. The operator's menus are icon driven with a host of preset commands that are self explanatory. We say if a "salesperson" can set it up and run it, it must be easy.

  • Is this a new product for Servo Technologies?

    No. We've been developing and manufacturing re-register systems since 1976.

  • Is there a warranty?

    SVX's are warranted for one year from the date of shipment. This includes our own manufactured parts and parts supplied from outside sources included in our system.

  • Do you offer a performance guarantee that the system will perform as advertised?

    Yes. We even add a performance guarantee in our sale's contract. It states that if the SVX digital re-register fails to perform as promised, simply return it for a full refund.

  • Can we install an SVX digital re-register system ourselves?

    Servo Technologies' installation and training is appropriately 8 hours of floor time. The base unit is usually mounted on the press in advance by your company. This allows more time for operator training.

    You may, however, elect to install the unit yourself. Before such an undertaking, we insist that your company sends a key employee to our plant to be certified on our system.

  • Where can we see a unit running?

    We try to have a unit on our floor for demonstration purposes, however, this may not be the case. If we have a unit, we will give you an approximate lead time for a demonstration.

  • Does Servo Technologies have any references?

    Yes. If you require references, we will supply references which closely match the type of work your plant produces. Click here to get in touch with us.

  • Why are we now just hearing about Servo Technologies?

    More likely than not, you've already been using our equipment and didn't know it. Servo Technologies supplies many QEMs with re-register and infeed tension systems which they incorporate into their own equipment installations. In addition, many of our sales agents have requested that we change the operators' menus to reflect the unit as their own.

  • Our plant has Flexo and Business Forms equipment. Can the SVX digital re-register be used on both types of equipment?

    One unit has many applications. To gain the greatest flexibly, the unit should be purchased for the widest web width. Current models are for 10, 16, 20 1/2 inch webs.

  • What makes the SVX digital re-register better than your competition?

    Our software isn't some canned, routine program. Our code is custom-engineered from line one and written expressly for Servo Technologies by our own programmers. Since we're in the graphic arts business, our software has over a decade of refinements for the industry baked-in. It's so unique that we have a U.S. patent pending.

    Our hardware is built tough enough for use in the most demanding manufacturing processes.
    SVX's side frames, bearings, idlers, and the infeed cylinder all demonstrate the absolute highest level of durability in a digital re-register system. In fact, all the components we incorporate into our system far exceed the toughest shop requirements. Yes, it may cost a little more, but knowing that we've provided you with the best system possible is our way of keeping you a satisfied customer for years to come.

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