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Find out more about the SV Re-register + Infeed Tension System

About Us

Find out how members of our team implemented the printing industry's first re-registration system and has been at the forefront of servo-driven infeed and re-registration systems since 1990.

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Why SVX Re-register?

Combine the SVX with your existing press to unleash limitless new capabilities. Add new spot colors, varnishes, lamination, multi-ply printing, labels, and even the ability to correct certain mistakes without having to trash the whole run.

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SV Models

SVR Retrofit Infeed Control

The SVR Retrofit Infeed perfectly manages web tension between the infeed and outfeed units. The precision of a servo-driven motor and superior automation software allows any web of material to be printed and finished inline with very little make-ready waste. This can represent a significant cost-savings to your company.
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SVX Digital Re-registration System

Mounting an SVX System on your existing press opens new doors of opportunity to your production line. With
NO press modifications, SV allows you to add new colors and die cuts that your press can't handle on it's own. With re-register, you can introduce holograms, manufacture dual-layer and peel-and-read labels.

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SVXD Dual Re-register & Infeed Tension Control System

The SVXD Dual System gives manufacturers the capability to use two registering units to run two pre-printed webs concurrently. This allows for extremely fast, two-web registration.

Typical offline applications may include:

  • die cutting
  • label finishing
  • punching
  • folding
  • sheeting

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Waste Savings Calculator

Infeed Tension Control is the key to getting the kind of consistent registration to transform all product to "sellable" across your entire run, every time. Aren't you curious to find out how much running waste is costing your company? Use our Waste Savings Calculator to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many commonly asked topics regarding SVX Infeed Tension + Re-register control are discussed on our FAQ page.

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