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Second Pass printing

Get More From Your Current Press

Let’s face it….purchasing a new printing press is an expensive proposition. And yet you don’t want to pass up new job orders because of press limitations.

The SVX Re-register System was specifically designed to expand your current press capabilities and at a fraction of the cost of a new press.

The ability to reinsert a pre-printed web and time it back to your press with a high level of accuracy (+- 0.0015”) provides greater output options from your current flexo press.

Add More Colors

With each additional pass you can double the number of colors your press can print. This effectively turns a 4 color press into an 8 color press on the second pass and into a 12 color press on the third pass.

The SVX Re-register System accomplishes this by automatically monitoring the position of the web in relation to the press and making small rapid adjustments as necessary to maintain accurate registration.

Correct Costly Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable and the results are often costly. A missing line of type or the wrong bar code has always meant the same thing: trash the job and reprint. Now there is a better solution!

With the SV Re-register System, these costly mistakes can be corrected, effectively salvaging the material and saving the job. The missing line of type can be added or the wrong bar code can be blocked out and reprinted correctly.


You can move a printed web from a flexo press with limited capabilities and take advantage of increased tooling options on another press.

You could also take pre-printed materials produced with other printing methods such as RotoGravure or Offset and convert them on your flexo press.

This can allow enhancements such as cold/hot foil stamping, cast & cure, spot colors or any other finishing techniques your press already supports.

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