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One SV - 4 Operating Modes

Servo Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures of the SV Series Re-register + Infeed Systems. Our systems permit the manufacturer to register and print on pre-printer material. Register the pre-printed web second (Peel & Read, ECL Labels) Plus the use of existing equipment for “digital label finishing.”


The first (and most popular) feature is using the SV as a Servo-driven, Infeed Control System that takes over from the standard in-feed system on any mechanical press. SV has been installed on:

  • Flexo Press
  • Offset
  • Gravure
  • Rotary Letterpress

As an infeed system, SV supercharges the performance of any press:

  • Reducing make ready and running waste
  • Tightening up the register on the press
  • Giving the operator more confidence to run the press faster.
SV Infeed Control System basically feeds the exact amount of material into the press that it needs on a one-to-one basis via a shaft encoder which is fitted to the press. This then sends an electronic signal to the Servo motor which calculates the material required and applies the correct tension to the web, giving total control of the incoming material. The break on the unwind then only controls the unwind roll, stopping any overrun and has no influence on the web inside the machine after the SV unit.

Read more about the Servo Technologies SV Infeed Tension Control System.


The second mode is for the lamination of a 2nd pre-printed web to manufacture multi-ply labels. The benefit of this is two-fold; with a pre-printed web you have the opportunity to print both sides of the web multicolor and the web can be full press, web width (allowing for greater yield from the press). A conventional crossover system only caters to 1 color on the reverse and only half your press width to produce the final label.

If multi web labels are only a small part of your business, then the SV can be used as the infeed on your general production then moved down the press to the correct position for the multi-ply label manufacture.

Read more about SV Re-register


The SV's third mode is second-pass printing. The SV will allow you to reinsert a printed web and then print more colors on top, effectively turning a 7 color press into a 14 color press with a print to print registration of + - .0015 thou (0.0381mm).

Another use of 2nd pass capabilities would be to add any forgotten content such as spot varnish or perforations, essentially saving material that may of been heading to the trash.


The fourth mode of operation is to convert digitally pre-printed webs. You can install the SV on any modular press, insert the digitally printed web and use the presses varnish station, foil blocking, embossing unit and die cutting stations to further process the digital print. This eliminates the need to buy additional finishing machines to convert your print from your digital press. An excellent way to utilize your current tooling inventory.


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